Show The Love: COVID-19 Artist Fundraiser

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As we look across the rapidly changing landscape at events, festivals, artists, and creatives across this nation - our hearts go out with profound empathy for all those who have been severely impacted by Covid-19. Know that we are here alongside you as family on this journey together.... and recognize this situation is bigger than any of us. Please remain steadfast in supporting your friends, family, and community the very best you can, so we make it through together with strength and resilience.

Wondering what to do with all of that refunded event ticket money?? Want to support your favorite artists during these crazy and tough times?? Here are a few things to consider:

1. We are launching a campaign today to support Sweet Relief and Backline, through the end of March 100% of proceeds from prints/frames (and coffee mugs, ornaments etc) on our website will directly support musicians/artists that have been affected by this pandemic, both financially and with mental health support/programs. Feel free to browse our galleries to maybe find that new piece of wall art or a small print of a favorite photo of you and your friends! If there is something you know we have captured, but can't find it just let us know. 

2. Send your favorite artists/bands cash directly! Venmo/Paypal/GofundMe/etc.

3. Couch tour! Pay for a virtual concert. This is a win/win

4. Buy their merch!!

More info on Sweet Relief COVID-19 Fund:

More info on Backline:

With So Much Love, Gratitude and Compassion as we all stand TOGETHER, Jim and JohnRyan

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